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The Five Sentence Challenge

November 13, 2016 by Mr Rossiter

This week, 2R took part in the Five Sentence Challenge. Our task was to work in pairs to come up with our five most imaginative sentences to describe a picture.

Our Five Sentence Challenge picture prompt

Our Five Sentence Challenge picture prompt

We didn’t all make it to five sentences, but we really enjoyed using our imaginations and working together! Here are some of our sentences:

There is a big bulldog that is white and ginger. There is a ginger kitten. There is a fluffy, white rabbit. The parrot is green and yellow. – Caitlin and Harrison

I can see a parrot and it is colourful. I can see a fluffy cat. I can see adorable rabbits. I can see a parrot that is green. I can see a brown dog’s back. – Oskar and Bobby

There is a colourful parrot that can camouflage. The puppies are fluffy, brown and cute. There is an angry, green and white bird. – Summer and Paula

There are some kittens who are having a nice cuddle. The parrot can camouflage in trees. The puppies are fluffy and soft. – Olivia and Ella



  1. Louis Williamson says:

    I love it and can you please put mine and my friends bubble
    writing on our lovely fab blog

  2. Emmanuel,Esther says:

    Very good! I love it!

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