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January, 2017

  1. Five Sentence Challenge

    January 29, 2017 by Mr Rossiter

    Writing challenge for emerging writersThis week, 2R enjoyed spending our Friday afternoon doing another Five Sentence Challenge. This was our second time trying out the challenge, and we worked in pairs to make our sentences as creative as possible! Here are some of our efforts:

    I can see a brown and white horse and a fluffy, black and white dog. I can smell the lovely flowers. There is a big, lovely, brown and white house. I can see a yellow and red moving van. The people could be moving out. Ava and Bailey

    I can see two, cute, fluffy kittens. I can see two identical brown and white horses. There is a yellow and red van, too. I can see a black and white dog. I can see lovely-dressed people. Olivia and Ella

    Zachary and Elijah

    Oskar and Louis

    And as requested, Louis’ bubble writing from Christmas. Great effort, Louis!