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May, 2017

  1. Our Science Investigation

    May 17, 2017 by Mr Rossiter

    In 2R, we’ve been much busier than our blog would suggest! This term, we have been exploring how plants grow as part of our new topic ‘Let’s Get Growing’. After producing some fantastic Easter Homework, we have had lots of fun planting cress.

    First, we decided what we were going to do for our investigation. We wrote down the materials we would use and how we would make sure it is a fair test.




    We wanted to find out how cress grows best, so we planted some in sand, stones, soil and cotton wool. We left them to grow (and made sure we watered them every day). Today, we measured our cress with rulers to find out how it had grown.

    Here’s some of our results:

    Most of our cress is still growing strong!

    We have also been very busy with our writing this term, check out our next post to see some of our fantastic work!