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  1. What is a habitat?

    June 20, 2017 by Mr Rossiter

    This week in 2R, we have been learning all about animals and their habitats. We were amazed to find out about some of the incredible things that animals do to survive and we particularly enjoyed looking at examples of camouflage in nature.

    Here’s some of our work from this week (which we were really proud to show off to our friends!) 

    Ava and Bailey explored how polar bears and birds find ways to live in their habitats. Ava: “the polar bear’s fluffy fur keeps him warm.” 
    Summer and Paula focused on the adaptations that lions have to help them survive. Paula: “lions have sharp claws and teeth to help them catch prey”. 

    We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at some of our work from this week. Please leave a comment if you have! 


  2. Victorian Day

    June 14, 2017 by Mr Rossiter

    On Monday, we all dressed up in our finest Victorian-style clothes and went back in time to attend a Victorian school for the day.

    Mr Murphy taught us Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Religion – just like a Victorian teacher would.

    We used stylus’ to write on our own slates – some of us were a little bit nervous!

    Luckily, some of the rules have changed since Victorian times.

    At the end of the day, we decided that even though we’d had lots of fun, it was time to come back to the present day.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest post and we will be posting again soon,


  3. Our Science Investigation

    May 17, 2017 by Mr Rossiter

    In 2R, we’ve been much busier than our blog would suggest! This term, we have been exploring how plants grow as part of our new topic ‘Let’s Get Growing’. After producing some fantastic Easter Homework, we have had lots of fun planting cress.

    First, we decided what we were going to do for our investigation. We wrote down the materials we would use and how we would make sure it is a fair test.




    We wanted to find out how cress grows best, so we planted some in sand, stones, soil and cotton wool. We left them to grow (and made sure we watered them every day). Today, we measured our cress with rulers to find out how it had grown.

    Here’s some of our results:

    Most of our cress is still growing strong!

    We have also been very busy with our writing this term, check out our next post to see some of our fantastic work!


  4. Five Sentence Challenge

    January 29, 2017 by Mr Rossiter

    Writing challenge for emerging writersThis week, 2R enjoyed spending our Friday afternoon doing another Five Sentence Challenge. This was our second time trying out the challenge, and we worked in pairs to make our sentences as creative as possible! Here are some of our efforts:

    I can see a brown and white horse and a fluffy, black and white dog. I can smell the lovely flowers. There is a big, lovely, brown and white house. I can see a yellow and red moving van. The people could be moving out. Ava and Bailey

    I can see two, cute, fluffy kittens. I can see two identical brown and white horses. There is a yellow and red van, too. I can see a black and white dog. I can see lovely-dressed people. Olivia and Ella

    Zachary and Elijah

    Oskar and Louis

    And as requested, Louis’ bubble writing from Christmas. Great effort, Louis!

  5. Angel Express

    December 3, 2016 by Mr Rossiter

    This week in 2R, we’ve been very busy with the rest of Key Stage 1 preparing for our Christmas production, Angel Express. Fortunately, we found the time in our hectic acting schedules to help design the programmes too! Here are our some of our efforts:

    angelexpress1 angelexpress2

  6. Cookie Decorating for Friendship Week

    November 20, 2016 by Mr Rossiter

    This week, 2R have been doing lots of fun challenges for Friendship Week! We particularly enjoyed working together to decorate biscuits on Friday afternoon:


  7. The Five Sentence Challenge

    November 13, 2016 by Mr Rossiter

    This week, 2R took part in the Five Sentence Challenge. Our task was to work in pairs to come up with our five most imaginative sentences to describe a picture.

    Our Five Sentence Challenge picture prompt

    Our Five Sentence Challenge picture prompt

    We didn’t all make it to five sentences, but we really enjoyed using our imaginations and working together! Here are some of our sentences:

    There is a big bulldog that is white and ginger. There is a ginger kitten. There is a fluffy, white rabbit. The parrot is green and yellow. – Caitlin and Harrison

    I can see a parrot and it is colourful. I can see a fluffy cat. I can see adorable rabbits. I can see a parrot that is green. I can see a brown dog’s back. – Oskar and Bobby

    There is a colourful parrot that can camouflage. The puppies are fluffy, brown and cute. There is an angry, green and white bird. – Summer and Paula

    There are some kittens who are having a nice cuddle. The parrot can camouflage in trees. The puppies are fluffy and soft. – Olivia and Ella